Referral Event



Refer your friend and bring them together in the journey of Luna Online.
Register your recruited friend HERE


  • Event Period: Event Period: 20th October – 17th November 2017
  • Existing players are required to refer 2 friends. (In-game name of the referred friends are required to be filed in the Google doc)
  • The 2 new recruited user by the existing users are required to reach at least level 30 before the event period end to be eligible for the rewards.


Rules & Regulation

  • Old users character must be level 20 & above before the event period to be consider as an old user.
  • New player ID have to be newly created ID starting from the date of event.
  • New player IGN can only be used ONCE by the old users (no duplicated recruits are allowed to be made by the existing players)

*All participation will be cancelled / forfeited if they fail in abiding the requirement of the rules & regulation


  • Old users:


  • Old users will be able to receive the rewards only when both of the recruited new users reach level 30
  • Rewards quantities will rely on both recruited players progress.
    (Eg: Player A reach level 50 & Player B reach level 40. The old users will be eligible for 1 reward from level 40 & 1 reward from level 50)
  • New users:

  • The reward that will be given to the new player will be based on the achieved level.
  • New users are able to obtain all the tier rewards (Eg: New users level up to lvl50, rewards from level 30 – 50 will be given)

* All rewards will be send out after the event ends, during the next maintenance date.