Mount System

nvite your friends ride on it with the multiple people mount system!

Cooking Cuisine

Let the warriors enjoy a good meal!

Pet System

which one will be your baby?

Housing System

Nestled by the karst port the Housing Administrator offers these services:- Create a house: Requires Luna Resident Login Card Enter your home: Transports to your house Buy decorations: To buy items to decorate your...

Amusement Park

create your dream Amusement Park!

Fishing System

Hurry to fishing pond in the farm, start fishing now; try to get all kind of cutie fishes that you can find from LUNA home! The fishing points that you earned from fishing, you...

PVP System

PVP System

Farming System

Live a free life in LUNA ! Aside from battling those cute monsters in LUNA, players are able to own a farm of their own! One shall not miss this out as the farm provides...

Emotions System

How about an EMO face? ╭(╯^╰)╮ Players are able to show their emotions in-game with these cute emoticons ! There are two emotions that can be displayed. One which is above the head that is...

Refining System

Crafting System This is the basic skill in game, after create character, players can use this skill to craft in the early stage, in the building system, players can use all the materials in game,...